All year round - Contemporary Art Exhibition

We are pleased to announce that ÉPHÉMÈRES by DH will be hosting the Geneva Art Gallery, Le Salon vert owned by Angela Wollny, all year round.


Le Salon Vert, has brought up to our mountains some of its countless works and its varying artists. 

Come along to discover the regularly changing exhibition with handpicked works from artists who explore and examine notions of narrative, the idea of space and the natural world. With a clear intent to master its medium and often pushed to its limits.

The exhibition program focuses on classical techniques like painting, drawing, crochet and découpage, which are applied in a contemporary context, as well as works by female artists. 

Enjoy a cozy setting and experience the carefully curated and unique selection of Angela's best gallery artists. As well as works by two, new to her gallery and very talented painters : Francisco Sepulveda and Kate Montgomery. 

To visit the exhibition feel free to come by, during opening hours of Your Concept Store in Saanen or for a private viewing during the off-season.

An appointment with Angela can also be organised by contacting her directly, please write her at

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Have you heard about OFYR ?

From the very beginning, we humans have been social creatures. Our ancestors sat around cooking fires telling stories. Still today, the best moments to interact with family and friends are occurring around food, drinks and fire.
OFYR is designed for these moments of connection. The initial creation of OFYR was fuelled by a desire of the founder to transform outdoor cooking from a solitary activity into a shared one. The concept was first introduced in The Netherlands in 2015 and is now sold in more than 80 countries. Supported by a team of designers, the founder has added a range of outdoor furniture, utensils and top-quality accessories to the line, making OFYR not just a product but a complete outdoor lifestyle concept.
ÉPHÉMÈRES by DH is a presenting partner for OFYR in the Saanenland, we are looking forward to introduce you to this amazing brand and their beautiful designed products.
Tabl'O is available immediately in the shop, all other barbecues and fournitures pieces can be ordered with us. We are here to advise and guide you in the art of outside cooking !


Tabl'O, table barbecue

OFYR Classic

Corten 85/100/Pro


Dienstag - Freitag / Mardi - Vendredi /  Tuesday - Friday 
10h30 - 12h30 / 14h00 - 18h30

Samstag / Samedi / Saturday
14h00 - 17h00

Sonntag - Montag / Dimanche - Lundi / Sunday - Monday

Markt Tag / Jour de Marché / Market Days
Öffnungszeiten des Marktes / Ouvertures officielle du marché / Market official hours

Weihnachten - Neujahr / Noël - Nouvel An / Christmas - New Year
Wird später bekannt gegeben / Commniqué ultérieurement / To be announced later

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